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In Joico's latest offerings, they have employed the exceptional Quadramine Complex technology, now enriched with the New Smart Release formula with an even higher concentration of keratin. All of this is designed to comprehensively rebuild and strengthen even the most weakened hair!


The Joico Moisture Recovery Shampoo is a product created for the care of thick, dehydrated, and frizzy hair. Thanks to an innovative combination of unique ingredients, after using Moisture Recovery Shampoo, hair regains deep moisturization and smoothness. It gains lightness, vitality, and radiant shine. Additionally, the shampoo strengthens the hair structure, protecting it from breakage.


The new Joico Moisture Recovery line utilizes advanced technology based on liposomes, keratin, arginine, and wild rose oil, allowing the optimal level of moisture to be maintained in the hair. As a result, the hair becomes elastic, regenerated, soft to the touch, and full of shine, with the issue of frizz reduced.



  •  Smart Release technology acts as a slow-release system of nourishing ingredients into the hair.

  •  Ingredients such as arginine, wild rose seed oil, and keratin are gradually released, providing comprehensive regeneration.

  •  Jojoba oil moisturizes and adds shine to the hair.

  •  Oceanic algae, rich in minerals and vitamins, nourish and regenerate the hair structure.

  •  QUADRAMINE COMPLEX technology with the New Smart Release formula is an advanced combination of 19 amino acids and highly concentrated keratin protein, comprehensively rebuilding the hair.

  •  The amino acids in Joico products are tailored to the structure of human hair, penetrating the cortex, core, and cuticle of the hair.

  •  The positively charged formula precisely adheres to damaged areas of the hair, intensively caring for their health and strength.

  •  New Smart Release with a higher dose of keratin delivers liposomes into the interior of the hair, gradually releasing them not only during treatment but also for several days after application, enhancing the effectiveness of hair care.


  1. Wet your hair: Before applying the shampoo, make sure your hair is well-moisturized with water. You can use lukewarm water to open the hair cuticles and facilitate shampoo application.

  2.  Apply a small amount: Squeeze a small amount of shampoo onto your hands. Depending on the length of your hair, the amount may vary, but typically a walnut-sized or coin-sized amount is suitable.

  3.  Distribute evenly: Gently distribute the shampoo over wet hair. Make sure to reach the roots, but also focus on the ends, which often need extra attention.

  4.  Massage the scalp: Use your fingertips to gently massage the scalp. Circular movements will help remove excess sebum, impurities, and residues of styling products.

  5.  Lather: Continue massaging until you achieve a rich lather. Remember that the amount of foam does not always reflect the effectiveness of the shampoo.

  6.  Wait a moment: If the shampoo contains special ingredients that require some time to act, follow the manufacturer's recommendations and leave the shampoo on your hair for a short period.

  7.  Rinse thoroughly: After finishing the massage and any waiting period, rinse your hair thoroughly. Make sure no foam or shampoo residue remains.

  8.  Repeat if necessary: Depending on your hair needs and the degree of dirtiness, the process can be repeated. Some people opt for double washing, especially if they use multiple styling products.

  9. Continue the care: After rinsing off the shampoo, proceed to use conditioner or other care products to provide additional moisture and nutrients to your hair.



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