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Achieve the hair of your dreams – beautiful, healthy, and radiant – with Joico K-Pak Reconstructing Conditioner!


This exceptional conditioner is designed for all hair types, especially delicate, brittle, and hair damaged by chemical treatments, high temperatures, and environmental factors. It deeply moisturizes and rebuilds the structure of damaged and lackluster hair, restoring its shine. The formula of this product contains unique nutrients that breathe vitality back into your hair.


The latest Quadramine Complex technology and the New Smart Release formula with a rich dose of keratin make the JOICO K-Pak Reconstructing line work intensively, regenerating and strengthening even the most damaged hair. This conditioner will meet your expectations, providing comprehensive regeneration.


If you dream of strong, healthy hair, reach for the revitalizing JOICO K-Pak line!



  •  Lightweight Gentleness, No Weighing Down: Our conditioner is characterized by a lightweight consistency that perfectly nourishes the hair without weighing it down. You'll feel an immediate improvement in condition while maintaining the lightness of your hairstyle.

  •  Amino Acids to the Rescue: The conditioner's formula fills in the gaps of amino acids in the hair structure, ensuring comprehensive regeneration from the inside. Your hair will regain strength, elasticity, and a healthy appearance.

  •  Uncompromising Color Protection: Avoid concerns about color fading! Our conditioner does not wash out color, ensuring that your color remains durable and intense for a long time.

  •  Optimal pH: We made sure that the pH of the conditioner is 4.5 – 5.5. These are optimal acidity ranges that harmonize with the natural pH of the hair, supporting its health and balance.

The conditioner not only nurtures but also cares for subtle aspects, such as the lightness of the hairstyle, color protection, and compatibility with the natural hair environment.



  •  Vitality in Every Strand: Thanks to the K-Pak series, hair regains internal strength, becoming strengthened from root to tip. Each strand is nourished, resulting in smoothness, elasticity, and beautiful shine.

  •  Natural Strength and Flexibility: Hair gains natural strength and resilience, making it more resistant to damage. This vital strength makes hair flexible, easy to style, and consistently beautiful.

  •  Shine Testimony: Light reflecting off healthy hair from the K-Pak series reveals a beautiful shine. Hair becomes glossy, enhancing its attractive appearance.

  •  Reconstruction for Styling Flexibility: Our nourishing products not only regenerate but also make hair flexible for styling. Hair becomes more manageable, allowing for a variety of styling options.

The K-Pak series is not just about nourishing hair but comprehensive strengthening, making it smooth, flexible, and full of healthy shine.



  •  Keratin: A natural ingredient present in hair, playing a crucial role in regenerating and restoring strength and health to the hair.

  •  Guava Fruit Extract: A source rich in antioxidants and lycopene, acts as a protective shield, protecting hair from harmful UV radiation and facilitating styling.

  •  Evening Primrose Oil: Contains Omega-6 and gamma-linolenic acid, providing intensive nourishment, adding shine, and increasing hair flexibility, making styling easier.

  •  Quadramine Complex - Joico's Innovative Technology: An advanced combination of 19 amino acids and a high concentration of keratin protein that comprehensively restores hair health and vitality both from the inside and outside.

  •  Precise Hair Structure Reconstruction: Amino acids present in Joico products perfectly correspond to the human hair structure, from the root, through the core, to the cuticle. The different molecular masses rebuild both internal and external hair structures.

  •  Positively Charged Formula: Additionally, the formula is positively charged, making it even more effective at adhering to the most damaged areas of the hair, intensively caring for their health and strength.

  •  New Smart Release with Increased Keratin Dose: The new New Smart Release formula contains a higher amount of keratin, delivering liposomes into the interior of the hair. This innovative system gradually releases liposomes, not only during application but also for several days after the treatment, making hair care exceptionally effective.

With these advanced Joico technologies, they have created products that not only repair damage but also protect and care for hair on a long-term scale.



  •  A Drop of Elemental Nutrition: Gently apply a small amount of conditioner to wet hair washed with our K-Pak Reconstructing shampoo. It's like a drop of elemental nutrition for your hair.

  •  Moment of Relaxation: Allow the conditioner to work for one minute. This brief moment allows the nutrients to penetrate deep into the hair structure, moisturizing it from the inside.

  •  Care Ritual: It's not just a regular step in hair care; it's a ritual that revitalizes and strengthens the hair from root to tip. A moment that will make your hair repay you with shine and a healthy appearance.

  •  Rinse and Admire the Effect: After one minute, thoroughly rinse the conditioner. You'll notice the difference immediately – your hair will be silky smooth, easy to comb, and full of life.

This short nutritional ritual is not just hair care; it's a moment of relaxation for your hair. Introduce the magic of K-Pak Reconstructing into your daily care routine and watch your hair come alive with each use.



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