JOICO K-PAK INTENSE Hydrator Masque 250ml

JOICO K-PAK INTENSE Hydrator Masque 250ml

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JOICO K-PAK INTENSE Hydrator Masque 250ml

The latest JOICO products introduce an innovative Quadramine Complex technology, enriched with New Smart Release featuring an even higher dose of keratin – all to effectively rebuild and strengthen even the most damaged hair!


The K-PAK JOICO series with the modern Quadramine Complex technology is designed for the effective reconstruction of hair structure. Our hair is constantly exposed to various types of damage, resulting from improperly conducted chemical treatments, frequent styling, and brushing. Additionally, external factors such as sunbathing, exposure to sea water, or swimming pool water negatively impact hair resistance. Lack of proper care can lead to profound changes in hair structure.


Hair is primarily composed of water, carbohydrates, and keratin, which contains as many as 19 amino acids. Damage to these amino acids weakens the hair and causes damage. Hence, the JOICO K-PAK series was created, dedicated to the reconstruction of hair structure.


JOICO K-PAK INTENSE HYDRATOR is an exceptionally intensive moisturizing mask that effectively reduces hair frizz. It restores the proper level of moisture to dry and damaged strands. The mask can also be used for dehydrated, frizzy, electrifying hair and those subjected to frequent chemical treatments. The product is safe for colored hair, without negatively affecting pigment durability.


Transform your hair with JOICO K-PAK INTENSE HYDRATOR!


The latest QUADRAMINE COMPLEX technology implemented in JOICO products is an innovative combination of 19 amino acids and a high concentration of keratin proteins that comprehensively rebuild hair both from the inside and outside:

  • Amino acids present in the latest JOICO products are in line with the natural structure of human hair, characterized by different molecular masses, allowing for comprehensive rebuilding of the hair root, core, and cuticle. Additionally, the formula of the products is positively charged, intensifying adhesion to the most damaged parts of the hair, ensuring their health and strength.

  • New Smart Release, with an increased amount of keratin, delivers liposomes into the hair's interior and gradually releases them, not only during the treatment but also for several days after application. This innovative technology makes hair care even more effective, guaranteeing long-lasting benefits.


  • Intensive moisturizing therapy for demanding hair.

  • Restores intense moisture to very dry and damaged hair.

  • Acts as a "seal" for hair cuticles, improving their elasticity.

  • Safe for colored hair.

  • Optimal pH level at 3.5.



  • Additional keratin, a natural hair component, perfectly regenerates and strengthens hair, giving it strength and a healthy appearance.

  • Guava fruit extract, a rich source of antioxidants and lycopene, provides effective protection against harmful UV radiation, while facilitating the styling process.

  • Evening primrose oil, containing Omega-6 and gamma-linolenic acid, intensely nourishes hair, giving it a beautiful shine and increasing its susceptibility to various stylings.


  • Immediate Moisturization: The mask provides instant hair moisturization after application.

  • Long-lasting Effects: Active ingredients work for an extended period, maintaining hair moisture and condition.

  • Frizz Control: Effectively eliminates hair frizz, giving it smoothness.

  • Structure Smoothing: The mask smooths the hair structure, making it silky smooth.

  • Incredible Smoothness and Shine: Hair gains incredible smoothness and shine.

  • Regaining Elasticity and Vitality: Acts deeply, restoring hair elasticity and a healthy appearance.

  • Easier Styling: Facilitates hair styling, reducing the time needed for styling.

  • Quick Effects: Effects are visible almost immediately after application.

This intensive mask not only immediately improves the condition of the hair but also ensures long-lasting moisturization and a healthy appearance.



  1. Place a small amount of the mask on freshly washed, towel-dried hair.

  2. Ensure that the mask is evenly distributed over the entire length of the hair, focusing on the ends.

  3. Leave the mask on the hair for a minimum of 5 minutes. Longer exposure time allows for better penetration of nourishing ingredients.

  4. Thoroughly rinse hair with lukewarm water, ensuring that all product is removed.

  5. After rinsing, style your hair according to your preferences.

Regular use of the mask will contribute to achieving immediate moisturization, frizz control, structure smoothing, and long-lasting effects such as smoothness, shine, elasticity, and ease of styling.




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