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JOICO K-PAK COLOR THERAPY Conditioner - 250ml

Joico K-Pak Color Therapy is a revolutionary hair care system designed for long-lasting color and a healthy appearance. Providing regenerated, stronger hair, this innovative product delivers intense color and a healthy shine that lasts for up to 8 weeks!

In our daily lives, hair is exposed to various forms of damage, from poorly executed chemical treatments and frequent styling to intense brushing. Additionally, the harmful effects of external factors such as sun exposure, seawater, or chlorinated pools negatively impact the resilience of hair. Lack of proper care leads to profound changes in the hair's structure.

The latestQUADRAMINE COMPLEX technology, combined with the New Smart Release formula present in JOICO Color Therapy products, represents the harmony of 19 amino acids and an exclusive blend of highly concentrated keratin protein. This advanced formula comprehensively rebuilds hair both from the inside and outside.

The amino acids in the product are precisely tailored to the structure of human hair, with varying molecular masses, effectively rebuilding the cortex, medulla, and cuticle of the hair. The formula, additionally positively charged, intensely adheres to the most damaged areas of the hair, ensuring its health and strength. The New Smart Release with a higher dose of keratin delivers liposomes into the hair's interior, gradually releasing them not only during treatment but also for several days after application. This makes hair care even more effective!

K-Pak Color Therapy Conditioner is a moisturizing and reconstructive product that leaves the hair strong and healthy. It smoothens the hair structure, making it easier to comb. After just one use, the hair's surface becomes smoother and more shiny. With regular use, hair regains strength, elasticity, and resilience. Hair color is effectively protected from fading due to environmental factors and structural damage.

Especially recommended for individuals with colored hair, structurally weak, or damaged hair, and for those who want to maintain the integrity of their hair color and restore it to optimal condition. The best results are achieved with a complete treatment.


  • Intensively moisturizing and reconstructive conditioner for damaged, colored, and dull hair.

  • Lightweight consistency that does not weigh down the hair, leaving it moisturized and full of life.

  • Effectively replenishes amino acid deficiencies in the hair structure, intensively rebuilding it from the inside.

  • Does not affect color washout, ensuring long-lasting color intensity.

  • Balanced pH ranging from 4.5 – 5.5, perfectly harmonizing with the hair's natural acidity, ensuring its health and condition.

This intensely moisturizing solution with a lightweight formula not only rebuilds the hair structure but also protects color intensity, leaving the hair nourished, vibrant, and shiny. The pH maintained in the appropriate range ensures that the conditioner is gentle on the hair, supporting its natural balance.


  1. Apply a small amount of conditioner to washed and towel-dried hair.

  2. Distribute the conditioner evenly, ensuring coverage of the entire length of the hair.

  3. Gently comb through the hair to facilitate even product absorption.

  4. Leave the conditioner on for a few minutes (1-2 minutes), allowing the active ingredients to penetrate the hair structure.

  5. Thoroughly rinse the hair to remove any product residues.

  6. Enjoy moisturized, nourished, and easily manageable hair.


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