JOICO BLONDE LIFE Brightening Shampoo 300ml

JOICO BLONDE LIFE Brightening Shampoo 300ml

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JOICO BLONDE LIFE Brightening Shampoo 300ml

Dreaming of a stunning, cool blonde shade, but your hair has suffered damage from the lightening process?

Blonde Life Brightening Shampoo is the perfect solution that will not only fulfill your dreams of the ideal blonde but also bring restoration and health to your locks.


Say goodbye to a dull, lifeless blonde! Blonde Life Brightening Shampoo is formulated to give your hair a radiant shine, restoring a healthy appearance. With a specially crafted formula containing rebuilding ingredients, the Blonde Life Brightening Shampoo not only locks in the cool blonde shade but also nurtures hair that has endured the lightening process.

Enriched with moisturizing and strengthening ingredients, our shampoo not only cleanses but also nourishes your hair, leaving it soft, resilient, and full of life. Say goodbye to dry, matte hair, and welcome healthy, shiny strands that radiate the cool blonde glow.


Moreover, Blonde Life Brightening Shampoo is color-friendly, maintaining the intensity of the blonde shade for an extended period. Now you can enjoy your dream color while taking care of the health of your hair. Revive your blonde with our revitalizing shampoo!


Products from the Blonde Life series are exceptional due to carefully selected ingredients that work together for the health and beauty of your hair. Key ingredients include arginine, providing greater flexibility to strands and playing a significant role in maintaining their resilience. Additionally, the presence of Monoi and Tamanu oils provides excellent support for the scalp, delivering nourishment and intense moisturization to each strand.


The innovative Bio-Advanced Peptide Complex® technology is a crucial component that effectively eliminates damage, fills gaps in the hair structure, strengthens it from the inside out, and repairs existing damage. Thanks to this complex, products from the Blonde Life line not only nurture but also revitalize hair, making it healthier, stronger, and more resistant to daily external factors.


Restore the radiance and vitality to your hair with advanced Blonde Life care!



  • Arginine, a natural amino acid, is a key component that not only enhances the flexibility of hair but also rapidly nourishes and reduces damage.

  • Monoi oil, rich in essential fatty acids, is an exotic blend of coconut oil and gardenia flower. It works multifunctionally, protecting hair from the inside, providing deep moisturization, imparting softness, flexibility, and effectively thickening the strands. Additionally, it acts externally, smoothing the hair's surface, preventing static, and providing effective protection against dryness.

  • Tamanu oil, full of essential fatty acids, omega-6, and omega-9, adds shine and protects hair color. Its action also aids in smoothing the hair with each application, adding a healthy shine.

  • Bio-Advanced Peptide Complex® is an exclusive blend of keratin molecules that comprehensively rebuilds hair both inside and out.

The natural detoxifier neutralizes chlorine and yellow tones, maintaining a beautiful, clean color between treatments. The latest QUADRAMINE COMPLEX technology with the New Smart Release formula combines 19 amino acids with an exclusive blend of highly concentrated keratin proteins, comprehensively rebuilding hair from the inside and out.

Amino acids in JOICO products align with the structure of human hair, effectively rebuilding the cortex, core, and cuticle of the hair. Their different molecular masses allow for comprehensive care of each part of the hair.

The new New Smart Release formula, with a higher dose of keratin, delivers liposomes into the hair, gradually releasing them not only during the treatment but also for several days after application. This innovative approach makes hair care even more effective, ensuring its health and strength.

Blonde Life Brightening Shampoo stands out with several extraordinary features:

  • Lasting Blonde Effect: Provides a beautiful blonde that lasts for up to 8 weeks. By using the shampoo, conditioner, and mask, the color is protected up to 80% for up to 18 washes, ensuring that your hair retains the shade's intensity for a longer time.

  •  Healthier and Moisturized Hair: Acts as a moisturizing treatment, making the hair not only beautiful but also healthier and perfectly moisturized. This is intensive care from within.

  •  Reconstruction and Strengthening: The shampoo not only cleanses but also fills gaps in the hair structure. Thanks to the latest QUADRAMINE COMPLEX technology with the New Smart Release formula, hair is comprehensively rebuilt from the inside and out. After the first use, you can notice hair strengthening and damage reduction by up to 50%.

  •  Dedicated for Chemically Treated Hair: The shampoo is specially created for lightened hair that has undergone chemical treatments. Its gentle sulfate-free formula effectively removes sebum and impurities, simultaneously eliminating unwanted yellow tones.

  •  Intelligent Smart Release Technology: With Smart Release technology, the shampoo gradually delivers active ingredients, ensuring that the nourishing effect lasts for a long time. This intelligent approach maintains beautiful blonde hair.

  •  Effective Regeneration: Your hair becomes soft, full of shine, and the color lasts for a long time. This is comprehensive care for every blonde who wants to maintain a perfect effect even after chemical treatments.


  •  Gently removes impurities.

  •  Rebuilds and moisturizes hair, restoring a healthy appearance.

  •  Fills gaps in the hair structure.

  •  Refreshes color, maintaining its intensity.

  •  Adds a cool shade, giving the hair a fresh look.

  •  Prevents hair damage.

  •  Strengthens the hair structure, making it stronger.


  •   Wet your hair thoroughly with water.

  •   Apply a small amount of shampoo evenly to wet hair and the scalp.

  •   Gently massage the shampoo, creating a delicate lather.

  •   Rinse your hair thoroughly with lukewarm water, removing any residue.

  •   Repeat the process if necessary for an even better cleansing effect.

  •   Enjoy the freshness and cleanliness of your hair!


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