JOICO BLONDE LIFE Brightening Masque 150ml

JOICO BLONDE LIFE Brightening Masque 150ml

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JOICO BLONDE LIFE Brightening Masque 150ml

The expressBlonde Life mask offers intensive care that quickly moisturizes and softens the hair. Its effective formula not only neutralizes chlorine and removes trace elements responsible for blonde yellowing but also provides immediate results.


Products from the Blonde Life line stand out with a unique composition, where arginine gives the hair greater flexibility, and Monoi and Tamanu oils nourish the scalp, intensely moisturizing the hair. Additionally, the innovative Bio-Advanced Peptide Complex® technology effectively eliminates harmful effects, filling gaps in the hair structure.


With this fast-acting mask, your hair experiences deep hydration, becomes more flexible, and the effect of neutralizing blonde yellowing is instantly visible. It is intensive care that not only works quickly but also effectively improves the condition of the hair, making it healthier, full of shine, and easier to style.



  • The formula not only ensures maintaining beautiful blonde for an impressive 8 weeks but also works during every stage of hair care. The shampoo, conditioner, and mask not only protect the color, extending its intensity for up to 18 washes but also guarantee the health and moisture of the hair.

  • The products make the hair more resilient, eliminating up to 50% of damage after just one use. The hair is not only beautiful but also stronger, and thanks to our innovative solutions, we provide comprehensive color protection and hair health. These are not just care cosmetics; they are the key to lasting and healthy blonde.


  •  Arginine: Natural amino acid. Strengthens hair elasticity. Intensively nourishes, reducing damage.

  •  Monoi Oil: A blend of coconut oil and gardenia flower. Protects the hair from the inside. Moisturizes, gives softness, flexibility. Smoothes the hair surface, prevents static.

  •  Tamanu Oil: Rich in essential fatty acids, omega-6, and omega-9 oil. Adds shine, protects color. Helps smooth the hair.

  •  Bio-Advanced Peptide Complex®: A mixture of keratin molecules. Hair reconstruction and protection.

  •  Natural Detoxifier: Neutralizes chlorine and yellow tones. Maintains beautiful color.

  •  QUADRAMINE COMPLEX with New Smart Release: 19 amino acids and keratin. Rebuilds hair from the inside and outside. Precisely tailored to the hair structure. The positive charge of the formula ensures deep penetration.

  •  New Smart Release: Additional dose of keratin. Delivers liposomes into the hair. Gradual release for several days after application. Effective long-term care.


  1. Prepare the Hair: Ensure that the hair is wet, preferably after washing.

  2.  Measure the Portion: Squeeze the appropriate amount of the mask from the package. Remember that the quantity may depend on the length of the hair.

  3.  Product Distribution: Evenly distribute the mask along the entire length of the hair. Focus especially on the ends and areas that require extra attention.

  4.  Leave-in Time: Leave the mask on the hair for 5 minutes. You can use this time for relaxation.

  5.  Rinsing: After 5 minutes, rinse the mask thoroughly with lukewarm water. Make sure all the product has been removed from the hair.

  6.  Wait for the Effects: Enjoy the immediate results of moisturized, healthy hair. The products in the mask will continue to work even after rinsing.

Remember that regular use of the mask contributes to maintaining the health of the hair, giving it softness, shine, and nourishment.




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